Book Review

Heaven is authored by Randy Alcorn.

For Christians heaven is our goal, our sought after reward for a life well lived, bought and paid for us by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, but we hear so little about heaven. Why is this? Does the Bible tell us anything about heaven? Is it un-spiritual for us to look upon heaven as our reward? Will we have bodies similar to the ones we have now? Will we sit on clouds playing harps for all of eternity?

These are some of the questions about heaven that come to mind and this book talks about all of them and many more.

Although this book was not captivating, it was interesting and I am very glad that I read it. Although I’m a Christian I’ll have to admit that I hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about heaven and I now feel that we should all be thinking about heaven.

Many people may not agree with many of the ideas that the author puts forth in the book but many of these are just that; the ideas of the author, but they are based on his study and he could be entirely correct. The book is not written in a manner that tries to drive these ideas down our throats so you can make up your own mind as you read them.

This is a good book and I would encourage you to read it and then study what God’s word says about heaven.

Heaven is split up in the following parts and sections which are then split up into chapters.

Part One: A Theology Of Heaven
Realizing Our Destiny
Understanding The Intermediate Heaven
Grasping Redemption’s Far Reach
Anticipating Resurrection
Seeing The Earth Restored
Celebrating Our Relationship With God
Ruling On The New Earth
Part Two: Questions And Answers About Heaven
What Will The Resurrected Earth Be Like?
What Will Our Lives Be Like?
What Will Our Relationships Be Like?
What About Animals?
What Will We Do In Heaven?
Part Three: Living In Light Of Heaven

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