Hey You, I Love Your Soul

Hey You, I Love Your Soul was released by Skillet in 1998.

My introduction to Skillet was Collide, which is one of my favorite CD’s. This CD is good as well but I do not like it as much as Collide. This CD has an electric sound to it, what many call techno rock. I’m not a big techno fan so I’m not crazy about those tracks.

Like Collide, Hey You, I Love Your Soul is not for the easy listening crowd. It sure isn’t one that my wife asks to listen to. On the other hand this CD actually belongs to my 13 year old son and I haven’t grown up much either.

Skillet does have the ability of making a good slower rock ballad. Those who do not like heavy rock would probably a couple of the songs off of this CD but may not care much for the rest of the songs.

Coming Down is one of my favorite songs on this CD. It is one of the slower songs but it is different. Can you imagine me liking a song that starts out with just piano music? It’s mostly piano and voice with some real interesting guitar and drum mixed in. This one is worth listening to for something a little different.

If you like the other Skillet CD’s or techno rock in particular this one is worth a listen.

Song titles on Hey You, I Love Your Soul include:
Hey You, I Love Your Soul
Locked In A Cage
Your Love (Keeps Me Alive)
More Faithful
Suspended In You
Coming Down
Dive Over In

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