The Hospital Angel

Author: Bruce Cook

I remember when I was in the hospital after having knee replacement surgery. My wife and I were by ourselves in the room. She was sitting on the right side of my bed facing me. All at once I saw in the corner a whirling cloud or mist like a pillar that was about two or three feet in diameter and reached clear to the ceiling. I described it to my wife and she said that she couldn’t see it and that it must have been my Guardian Angel. I can’t tell how long it lasted, whether it was just seconds or two to three minutes. Suddenly it just disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. After some period of time when my wife and I were talking it suddenly appeared again with only me being able to see it. It seemed to last the same amount of time before disappearing never to be seen again.

It keeps coming back to me now and then, and I can see it as clear as if it was happening again. I keep asking myself, what did it mean? Was it some sort of a sign or message for me? Did I really have an angel visit me in that hospital room? I know that I just wasn’t imagining what I saw, and I know that it wasn’t a feeling of something bad, but a feeling of something good.

I do believe that when my time comes to be called home, there will be an angel who will come to help me, and escort me home. Just like that day in the hospital there will be no fear, but a feeling of joy.

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