The Only Way Out Is In

I read House after reading other titles by both Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker and I was not disappointed. Adam, by Ted Dekker was one of the best books I had read and this book has now made the list as one of my favorites as well.

This book is about four people who end up together in a secluded house and are in essence trapped by their own sin. The suspense and twisting story line kept me turning pages late into the night.

It was interesting how the characters had to confront their own fears and sins as they struggled to escape the house.

My thirteen year old daughter also read this book and really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure how she would handle it but she was drew into the story and finished the book in short order as I had.

House was a very good book and if you like thrilling, suspenseful Christian fiction you should enjoy this book as well.


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