How Can I Explain

Author: Bruce Cook

This past July 4th I was thinking about all of the service men and women who had given their lives for our country and what it stands for, or should I say what it stood for.

In my minds eye I could see thousands upon thousands of spiritual bodies marching by in an endless parade. They were the dead service men and women from every war. As World War II and Korean veterans were passing by, I felt this great sense of pride and sadness swell up within me.

Oh look, I thought, there are some of the men I served with. I waved to them but they could not wave or speak back to me. So many of them were young people, from eighteen years old and into there twenties. I thought why did they die and others of us get to return home? Many of them didn't even get to graduate from high school and some were so young that they died calling out for their mothers. They never went to college, raised families, or enjoyed just every day living with friends and loved ones. Lord why did they go and others of us get to return home and live out our lives?

I know that they all loved their country and died for it because they believed in God, country and family. This was the American dream as we knew it, but still I felt so sad and ashamed. I thought if I could talk to them, how could I explain to them the direction that our people and country were taking? How could I stand before them and tell them that we are killing thousands of babies by abortion every day? How could I tell them that we have this organization called the American Civil Liberties Union that has filed law suits and had courts tell us that we can no longer pray in schools, pledge allegiance to the flag under God, and not allowed us to display or discuss the Ten Commandments in public schools. We are not allowed to spank children for discipline anymore, children are being molested by parents, neighbors, other children and now many priests have been found guilty of this offense. Children are being killed by some of these people. We even have this sport called drive by shootings that harm or kill both children and adults.

Sex has run amuck in many ways, it's on television and the internet in all forms. We also now have birth control pills that allow women the freedom of sex without worry of pregnancy. Sex is everywhere, even in advertising. Today over half of the couples getting married wind up in divorce and many couples are just living together without marriage. Besides sex, swearing has become a normal part of television and radio conversations. Adults and young people are addicted to taking many types of drugs that have caused our society to go down another rung and even affect our children being born. Young people are now having tattoos on their bodies everywhere imaginable. Even a great number of women are getting them. The young people are also piercing many parts of their bodies with rings and pins with gemstones on them, even through their tongues. Women want to look sexy and desirable so they have breast implants and cosmetic surgery.

Homosexuals and lesbians are now proud of it and march in parades when they can get in, and announce that they are gay every chance they get. Men are lusting after men and women after women and they are fighting to be legally married to each other. There are now gay people in the clergy and just this week a gay Bishop was approved by his church denomination.

Aids is a sexually transmitted disease among homosexuals that has come about since your time and has now affected all of society through blood, sex, and new born babies. As of now there is no cure for this disease.

Church attendance has fallen off and many of the churches are closed or closing. Some of the churches are so liberal now with a feel good attitude that they are ineffective. Others are no more than social clubs and entertainment. For a while, people were using the popular phrase of being born again, but you couldn't see any Christ in their lives. It was just a popular thing to say.

Suddenly the parade of spiritual bodies came to a halt and did a right face. As I stood there looking at these sad faces it was like a loud booming of voices that I could hear in my mind. They asked me in unison how could this happen? How could you let this happen to our people and our country? I felt so helpless and unworthy to be in their presence. Lord you know how I feel about these things and you know my prayers, could I have done more? Should I have done more? Please God let a revival sweep across America so strong and so convicting that our country will once again turn to you and restore our country as intended under God.

Help me do all that I can, so I can someday march proudly with these spirits in Gods army.


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