How To Be A Christian Without Being Annoying

By Bette Dowdell

I thought that the title How To Be A Christian Without Being Annoying was a little deceiving and then after I thought about it for a while it made perfect sense. Being a Christian without being annoying is best accomplished by knowing the Bible and allowing Christ to live in you. That is what this book is about.

The book is arranged in short articles that are based on scripture. Each article is a commentary, opinion or the author’s thoughts on the given scripture.

It would be good book to use as a daily devotional but I am not the kind of book reader that does well with these types of books. I’ve noticed a couple different types of readers. I am the type that gets interested in a book (hopefully) and can’t wait to see what is on the next page. This does not lend well to devotional type books. The other type of readers are those who will slowly read and try to drink in every word. Usually they even underline particular sections. Daily devotionals seem to fit these people well.

Even though this book was not in a style that fits my particular reading style it was still very informative and interesting.

I particularly liked the article titled Moving Past The Rule Pile. This article ends this way. “God’s rules are always our foundation, but no life can be fully defined by rules, so God moves us beyond them. We grow past the dos and don’ts into our birthright of peace and joy – and the sure knowledge we are loved.

Rules can only be a beginning. Making them the entire Christian experience stunts our growth and misses the best parts.”

Another article I like a lot was titled Beyond Physics and included the following: “God created the universe with both physical and moral laws. The physical laws we call physics. The moral laws we call morality.

People accept the physical laws.

Moral laws are as immutable as physical laws. But, when we are detached from God, our human nature rejects even the concept of absolutes. We want no laws, no limits and no negative results.

Like children, we don’t understand.”

How To Be A Christian Without Being Annoying is good material for new Christians, seasoned Christians and those who may still be seeking. It is especially good for those underline readers out there.

You can learn more about Bette Dowdell and How To Be A Christian Without Being Annoying at the Confident Faith Institute here.

How to be a Christian without being annoying

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