In The Company Of Angels
Mini Moments With Angels

Author: Robert Strand

Just before my Mothers passing away she shared with me her experience of what we both believed was surely an Angel visit. Click here to read about this experience. I became interested in studying about Angels and have also written articles about the subject for Avid, as well as speaking about them in church.

This past Christmas my grandson bought as a gift for me the book titled Mini Moments With Angels written by Robert Strand. The book is about forty bright spots from heavens messengers. It is a small paperback book that can be read in a couple of hours or less.

This past Sunday one of the ladies of our congregation of my church loaned me Robert Strands book titled, "In The Company of Angels." (Vol. 2) It is a hardback book of a hundred and nine pages that can also be read in a couple of hours.

The books are a collection of Angel experiences by different people who were willing to share them. Martin Luther said that Angels are near to us, to those creatures by God's command they are to reserve. John Milton wrote that millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we sleep and when we wake.

The books contain a few stories and encounters to give us a small clue as to what Angels do and how they work. After each story there are quotes from famous Christians and bible scriptures to read. At the end of each story (In The Company of Angels) he has written a paragraph as food for thought. The author is quick to tell you that we are not to worship or pray to Angels. The bible is explicitly clear that only God is to be worshipped.

Although a couple of the stories are repeated in each book, I still enjoyed each book and have read them more than once, and intend to read them again in the future.

Following are a few samples of the experiences from each book:

Mini Moments With Angels:
Back to Life
An Angel Brings Healing
I See Angels
What Policeman?

In The Company of Angels:
Almost Over the Cliff
The shining Little Angel
Do Angels Know CPR?
Sarah's Angel
The Hitchhiker

Review written by Bruce Cook

In the Company of Angels

By Robert Stand

In the Company of Angels is a collection of miraculous angel stories from various people. The author did not try to authenticate the stories, but how could you actually do such a thing? Without faith you will not believe.

The 30 plus stories are very interesting and encouraging. These stories reminded me of just how powerful our God is. With Him on our side there is nothing we can't conquer.

The book does not try to prove or disprove the stories, it just tells the story and then generally includes some Bible scripture and some words from the author.

I found the book very inspirational and I think you will as well.

There are two volumes of this book, this is the second volume.

You can purchase In the Company of Angels Volume One here.

Mini Moments With Angels

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