In The Eye Of The Storm

In The Eye Of The Storm by Max Lucado

I always like to take a book along to read when I have to fly. It helps time pass and gives me a chance to nourish my soul as well. Before the last trip that I took I had been reading Rumors Of Another World by Philip Yancey but I forgot to take it with me. Before I got too far I remembered that I had forgotten the book so I made a stop at my Dad’s, since I knew he had a few books that I had not yet read. In a hurry, I picked In The Eye Of The Storm by Max Lucado.

I’ll have to admit that I was upset about forgetting the book that I had been reading but soon found out why I forgot that book. A co-worker of mine always says that there are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason. I soon realized that In The Eye Of The Storm had several chapters that dealt exactly with what I was dealing with at the time. I was traveling away from home and I did not want to.

The entire book is based around the way Jesus handled a bad day and I was having a bad day or possibly three of them. One chapter dealt with flying on commercial airplanes and enjoying the journey. While two others dealt with experiences about being away from home, one in the city that I flew through. This was definitely the right book at the right time.

As I have said in reviews of other Max Lucado books, Max is a great story teller and masterfully mixes these stories with biblical truth. Sometimes nothing makes us think more than someone else’s experience where we say, “hey, that could be me”.

Max uses one day in the life of Jesus to frame the entire book. This day Jesus hears of the beheading of his cousin John the Baptist, feeds five thousand and then finishes the day by walking on water. Jesus was in the eye of the storm.

When you are in the Eye Of The Storm, remember that He was there as well. He knows what you are going through and how you felt. Jesus didn’t just feel our pain, he had the pain.

I finished the book before my trip was over so I skimmed back over it again. I was amazed how much more I received from the book the second time around.

If you are in the eye of the storm, give this Max Lucado book a read.

The chapters include the following:Form Calm to Chaos
God Under Pressure
A Mother’s Love – A Friend’s Empathy
When Fishermen Don’t Fish
The Joy In The Journey
Thanks For The Bread
Musings in Minneapolis
Fending Off the Voices
The Photo and the File
Seeing God Through Shattered Glass
Two Fathers, Two Feasts
The Miracle of the Carpenter
The Woodcutter’s Wisdom
Laws of the Lighthouse
He Speaks Through the Storm
Pilgrim Ponderings
Our Storm Was His Path
They’d Do It Again
Castles of Sorrow
Fear That Becomes Faith
Why God Smiles
The Sacrificial Vistitor
Holiness in a Bathrobe
The Choice
Caught with Your Pants Down, But Your Head Up
Lemonade and Grace

In the Eye of the Storm

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