In The Grip Of Grace

He will love you forever

In The Grip Of Grace is written by Max Lucado. Although this isn’t one of Max Lucado’s newest books, in my opinion it is one of his best.

I’ve also read Phillip Yancey’s What’s So Amazing About Grace and I feel that both books are excellent, but different. Where Yancey’s writing on grace makes you look deep inside and ask if we really get it, Lucado convinces us that God will not let us go even if we don’t completely get it. There are chapters where the books mirror each other in theme though. Max doesn’t paint a completely effortless fairytale of grace; he does explore the deep side of grace.

The inside book cover states, “Can I drift too far? Wait too long? Slip too much? Did I outsin the love of God? The answer is found in one of life’s sweetest words – Grace”.

One of my favorite quotes comes from chapter 3, “Shouldn’t we face the truth? If we don’t acknowledge God, we are flotsam in the universe. At best we are developed animals. At worst we are rearranged space dust. In the final analysis secularists have only one answer to the question, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ Their answer? ‘We don’t know.’”

If you are wondering if you have gone too far, if God could love someone like you or if God really loves us, In The Grip Of Grace reaches into these subjects.

I recommend this book. It is at the very least a refreshing reminder of God’s love for us shown by his abundant grace.

The chapters include the following:
The Parable of the River
God’s Gracious Anger
Godless Living
Godless Judging
Godless Religion
Calling the Corpses
Where Love and Justice Meet
Credit Where Credit Is Not Due
Major League Grace
The Privilege of Paupers
Grace Works
Turning Yourself In
Sufficient Grace
The Civil War of the Soul
The Heaviness of Hatred
Life Aboard the Fellow-Ship
What We Really Want to Know
Don’t forget to Look After Me

In the grip of grace

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