Invincible was the third CD released by Skillet. Similar to Hey You, I Love Your Soul, Invincible is a techno rock style. I’m more a fan of the heavier rock from Collide so this CD isn’t exactly my taste. Although the sound is similar I would say that I like Hey You, I Love Your Soul a little better than this CD.

Even though I like the harder rock most of the time it is the slower songs on this CD that I like the best. Maybe that’s because there is less of the electronic sound on these songs. I like Rest and especially Angels Fall Down which is the last song on the CD. There is a song between The One and Angels Fall Down. Angels Fall Down is tagged onto the end of this song like an extra track.

How much you like this CD may depend on how much you like rock that is termed techno or industrial. It isn’t my favorite but reading other reviews I see that there is a following for this style of music.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the worst music I’ve heard, it’s just a different style from Collide, which is at or near the top of my list.

If the industrial/techno rock is your style then Invincible is the CD for you.

Song titles include:

Best Kept Secret
You Take My Rights Away
Come On To The Future
You’re Powerful
I Trust You
Each Other
The Fire Breathes
Say It Loud
The One
Angels Fall Down

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Invincible CD Cover

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