Jennifer Knapp
The Way I Am

Jennifer Knapp - The Way I Am

The first time I heard Jennifer Knapp was on a WOW CD. She had one song on the CD and it was a great song. I didn't know what the title of the song was so I started reading reviews on the Internet to check out her CD's. If her CD's were anything like that one song then they would be great music.

The reviews all said good things about Jennifer Knapp and one said how she really rocked. That CD sounded like it was just what I was looking for, so I purchased The Way I Am.

This CD starts out similar to the song that I had heard on the WOW CD but rest of the CD trails off. The first song has a lot of sound and moves real well and the next two songs are pretty good as well, but then it falls off, slows down and has a hard time winning me back even though there are some good songs on the second half of the CD

There are three songs that I regularly skip starting with track 5 and the other two are near the end.

The funny thing about The Way I Am is that the songs that are good are very good but when they are bad I don't even gut my way through them. The songs that I skip just never seem to get going; the tempo is much too slow for my crazy music tastes.

I have a difficult time giving advice on this CD and Jennifer Knapp as a whole. If you like the harder driving music that suits me some of her music is a close fit. On the other hand the rest of her music may put you to sleep. Maybe she should put out two different CD's, one for the rock lovers and one for those that prefer the slower music. The Way I Am seems to have two very different styles of music on it.

The song tracks on The Way I Am include:
By and by
Breathe on Me
The Way I Am
Say Won’t You Say
Around Me
Come to Me
Fall Down
Sing Mary Sing
In Two (the Lament)
Light of the World
No Regrets

Jennifer Knapp

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