Jesus Career Counselor

Jesus Career Counselor, authored by Laurie Beth Jones seemed like a perfect fit into one of my interests. I have read several career books in search of the work that God has for me and have not yet quite hit my stride in what I would call the perfect work for me. Maybe this book would contain the nugget of information that I have been searching for. This book is interesting and I like the spiritual backing that it provides, but I'll have to admit that it has not propelled me into my perfect work.

I have read previous books by Laurie Beth Jones and especially liked Jesus Entrepreneur. I do not think that Jesus Career Counselor was up to par with Jesus Entrepreneur.

Is it possible that this book could help someone find their perfect work. Sure, depending on your needs there is some good solid information in this book and if applied it could be a great help. One thing to remember is that we all have a different calling and a different story and good solid, biblical help like that given in Jesus Career Counselor can often illuminate the path for you to take.

If you feel that you have not found your perfect work then I would recommend that you give this book a read. It may very well be the information that you need.

Jesus Career Counselor contains four main sections including:
Leadership: Fire
Relationship Skills: Water
Character Traits and Habits: Earth
Creativity and Innovation: Wind

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For more information on Jesus Career Counselor I have included a letter from Laurie Beth Jones.

Top Five Rules for Finding Perfect WorkBy Laurie Beth Jones,Author of Jesus Career Counselor: How to Find (and Keep) Your Perfect Work

Rule #1) Ask yourself "What did I come to this world to do?" What kind of daily work would excite you in the very marrow of your bones? In order to get true alignment, you must establish a clear, written-down mission statement.

For example, mine is "to recognize, promote and inspire divine connection in myself and others." I have 3 verbs, or action words, a core value, and a tribe. This begins the clarity process, and becomes a filter for everything you do.

Rule #2) Know your personality type. Do you love to take risks and take charge, like Fire? Do you bring order and structure naturally to everything you do, like Earth? Perhaps you are more like Water, going with the flow, and rushing to serve those in the lowest place. Or maybe you love to inspire others and bring in fresh ideas, like the Wind. The workplace needs all of these qualities, and you have been gifted especially in one or two of these elements. Find out which ones are most like you. For example, I am a Wind/Fire combination, specializing in Fast Results. Find your special elemental combination.

Rule #3) Sit down and draw a Talent Shield, showing your four highest gifts in symbol form. Ask your friends and family "What do I naturally do well?" My four greatest gifts are my love of God (heart symbol), my ability to speak (mouth), ability to write (pen) and freedom to do all of the above (wings.)

Use your Talent Shield as a filter for any job opportunity before you, asking "Will this work allow a 100% match in my gifted areas?"

Rule #4) Write down a vision of your ideal work day. If all things were possible, what would you be doing on a Monday morning, at 9 am? Who would you be talking to, about what, wearing what? What would your workspace look like?

Fill your vision with details that include not only what is sitting on your desk (if you have one) but also the feelings you are having as you go about your day. This becomes the model you work from as you begin to sculpt, identify, and create your perfect work.

Rule #5) Share all of the above with everyone you can. Network with those who are doing the kind of work you wish you could be doing. Research the industry. Read biographies. Attend workshops. Get educated. Put yourself in the arena of the work you want to have. Show up even to volunteer. Begin to live your mission every day, and you will indeed find, and keep your perfect work.

2010 Laurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus Career Counselor: How to Find (and Keep) Your Perfect WorkAuthor BioLaurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus Career Counselor: How to Find (and Keep) Your Perfect Work, is an internationally recognized bestselling author, speaker, inspirational life coach, and trainer; and she offers small group, online, and one-on-one training. Laurie Beth's books on the workplace have sold more than one million copies and been translated into sixteen foreign languages. Some of these titles have spent more than thirteen months on the BusinessWeek bestseller list and have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time magazine, CNN Financial, and more.

Recently named one of the top thirty leaders in the United States by an independent research firm, Jones has been featured in major media outlets and been invited to speak in all pillars of society, such as business, education, health care, government, faith and service organizations, the mass media, and the disenfranchised.

A business-development coach and consultant to CEOs and organizations, Laurie Beth has conducted training or provided leadership products for major companies, including Tyson Foods, Purina-Nestl�, Neiman Marcus, Pfizer, CitiFinancial, and American Express.

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