Jesus Entrepreneur

Jesus Entrepreneur – Using Ancient Wisdom To Launch And Live Your Dreams by Laurie Beth Jones

This book is very easy to read and entertaining as it uses the analogy of Jesus as a small businessman to illustrate how we can conduct ourselves as entrepreneurs with a purpose.

As Christians it is often difficult to combine our entrepreneurial drive and our drive to succeed with our Christian values. The need to be a meek and mild Christian seems to make us look like we are pursuing un-Godly desires when we want to succeed and be prosperous. Jesus, Entrepreneur may be the book that will help you cope with these thoughts and feelings.

In Jesus Entrepreneur Laurie Beth Jones uses the term spiritreneur, which she defines as those who fully integrate their soul in a workplace enterprise.

The author tells of people who have left what many would call secure well paying jobs to take on tasks that promise little if any monetary reward to follow their spiritreneurial yearnings and have then prospered in many ways.

This is a good book for anyone that is thinking about starting a business of their own. Laurie Beth Jones gives many personal examples of the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Jesus Entrepreneur is about combining your talents and gifts together spiritually to make a difference. It is not about how to get rich; rather it is about how to be enriched.

This is one of my favorite quotes from the book “What joy, what bliss we experience when we align our will, our work, and our talents with those of our Creator. We can then be like the stress-free lilies of the field, clothed in raiment more beautiful than Solomon’s.”

For those that may be worried that this book is about taking advantage of religion for profit, I include this quote from the Epilogue. “Spiritreneurs do not set out to harness God in order to make more money. Rather, spiritreneurs allow God to harness them, and in so doing experience glory. This book has ultimately been about the process of surrender – the joy, the terror, the chaos, and calm that comes from stepping into the unknown and allowing God’s breath to breathe through you.”

This book will challenge you. Are you doing what God intended for you to do or are you in a rut, just working for the money? If you are wondering what life has in store for you and feel that God has a purpose for you that you are not fulfilling, then you will find Jesus Entrepreneur very enlightening.

Jesus Entrepreneur is split up into four sections with each of these sections divided into twelve to seventeen short chapters. The four main sections include the following.

The Launch: Heeding the Call to Spiritreneurship

The Lurch: The Early Days and Your New Identity

The Lessons: Learning Through the Wisdom and Mistakes of Others

The Love: Living the Visionary Life of the Spiritreneur

Jesus Entrepreneur

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