Jesus, I'm Coming

Review submitted by Linda Kalapick

JESUS, I'M COMING was a joy to read. In one sitting I was able to fly through Debi Irene Wahl's real-life tale. A motorcycle accident causes the author to draw on her faith in Jesus and her experiences growing up. Through a series of flash-backs, the reader is drawn into the author's experiences--her near death, the trials and tribulations of a long and painful (and apparently ongoing) recovery, as well as the strength she drew upon from her childhood memories.

Although Wahl's book is quite personal, the fountain of her personal struggles, there is much triumph in the telling of the story. As a woman, I found the portrayal of relationships touching, appropriate and entirely relevant to her recovery. Wahl demonstrates that inner strength can be derived through holding on to precious, past gems in our lives. These simple gems involve her parents, grandparents, husband, children, her love of music, singing and performing and her relationship with her savior, Jesus Christ. JESUS, I'M COMING is a Christian book, through and through, without being preachy or overbearing. It is a story that any woman of faith can relate to.

Jesus, I'm Coming by Debi Irene Wahl


When a woman is tested by a horrific accident that nearly claims her life, sending her down the rocky road of partial disability, will her simple faith inJesus and precious childhood memories be enough to sustain her?

Debi's story has a special appeal to women who have endured and overcome a rough childhood and personal tragedy through a reliance on Jesus Christ.

JESUS, I'M COMING is filled with insightful, journal-generated stories. Wahl's book is an uplifting tale and a quick read. Join her as she finds the bright side, recalls endearing childhood experiences, and is even able to sing and find humor in her darkest hour.

* Publisher: Orr Books
* Pub. Date: December 2007
* ISBN-13: 9780980061109

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