Journey Across The Desert

Author: Bruce Cook

Last Sunday evening the pastor talked about how Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, their journey across the desert, and how in Exodus 13: 21-22 God protected and provided an angel for them. Going ahead of them in the daytime in a pillar of cloud to lead them, and in the nighttime in a pillar of fire to give them light, the pillar of cloud would not move away from the people in the daytime or the pillar of fire in the nighttime.

God provided them with manna, water and quail to eat and drink in the desert. Their clothes and shoes never wore out. He talked about how they soon forgot when Moses went up into the mountain at Sinai, and how they persuaded Aaron to melt their jewelry to make a golden calf as an idol to worship, with singing, dancing and wicked acts.

God had provided everything that they needed, even miracles such as parting the Red Sea for them to walk across and destroying the entire Egyptian army that was pursuing them. They also forgot how He sweetened the bitter water at Marah in Exodus 15: 22-25, brought water forth from a rock at Horeb in Exodus 17: 5-6, and how He provided for them every day.

Exodus tells us how they would begin to murmur against Moses and Aaron about every little thing and how they should have stayed in Egypt if they were going to die in the desert.

Then my thoughts began to compare the people of today with those that Moses was leading in the desert. Today in our society we have everything that we need and more. People who cannot or will not work have governmental programs in place to provide for all of their wants, notice that I didn't say needs. The more we get the more we demand from where ever we are supplied, whether it is from the government, a charitable organization or an employer. Many of them have never worked, will not work and never intended to work. The more we get the more we demand. Along with this our moral character has fallen to a new level. The more God does for us, the more society pushes Him away. Instead of a golden calf we have many other types of Gods or idols that we worship in today’s world, such as money, power, possessions, prestige and items for personal pleasure, such as boats, homes, jewelry, clothes, club memberships and the list goes on and on. It is to a point where very few will even attend church on Sunday. All thoughts are centered on pleasure. As a result many churches are struggling, merging or closing their doors.

As I compare the people of today’s world with the Israelites in their journey across the desert, I see a great comparison of the two, as we journey along the same path to please God I find that we are perhaps worse than they were, because God gave us the bible and commandments to guide our lives and not make the mistakes that the Israelites made. He gave us prophets, Disciples and most of all He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to save us from our sins by repenting and coming to Him.

So as we travel across the desert of our time, let us worship God and not continue to make the mistake of murmuring and building idols of our own to worship. Worship the true one and only living God, so that we may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and spend eternity with Him.

Let me ask you this question, where will you spend eternity?

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