June Rain

June Rain is authored by Brandon Knightley.

June Rain is a fictional novel about a high school senior and his girlfriend. It is written in an interesting way with the story told from two time frames starting a few months apart. As the story develops the time frame decreases until it converges at the end. I found that it was an interesting way to develop the story.

The characters of Dante, the boyfriend and Helen his girlfriend were strongly developed with their differing family backgrounds a major line in the story.

I'll have to say that I didn't find the book great, but somehow it kept pulling me along. I'm not sure it was because I was just hoping that things would get better or if I really enjoyed the book more than I think I did. I found that when I was reading the book I had trouble putting the book marker in and putting it down; somehow the story kept pulling me along. I think that the story was good enough that I wanted to know how it would end. Even so, there were times that the story did seem to drag.

One thing that impressed me was the vivid detail given of the surroundings. The stage was set quite well throughout the book.

As for Christianity in the book it is subtle and not developed until late in the book. I would say that you likely won’t find God in this book; on the other hand, if this book was written for the sake of an interesting story with a Christian undertone then it hit its mark.

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