Kutless Sea Of Faces

Kutless Sea Of Faces is actually my son's CD. Back in December his grandparents asked me what he wanted for Christmas and I told them to look for this CD. Fortunately for him (me) they came through.

We liked the first self-titled Kutless CD enough that we wanted to get their second CD as well.

If we compare Kutless Sea Of Faces to the first CD I would have to say that it is a little milder. There is very little screaming and rapping as compared to the first CD, although it is still guitar and drum heavy, which is a good thing to me.

Kutless Sea Of Faces reminds me a lot of two CD's from a band called Live that I listened to back in the mid 90's. The only difference is the quality of the lyrics; I don't have to censor Kutless.

My wife hasn't heard this CD much yet, so I can't give you her Mercy Me styled opinion on this one yet, but I'd say that she would tolerate it better than the first Kutless CD. I could probably slip it into the player and get away with it for a few songs.

My favorite song on the CD is the last track titled It's Like Me. I like the strong guitar and the harmonized lyrics. You have to hear it to appreciate it; this song just has a full sound to it.

The chorus from It's Like Me:It's so like meTo never seeWhen it cameWhen it wentNow it's gone away

Sea Of Faces is a little milder than their debut CD but is harder than Audio Adrenaline or Third Day. If you like the first Kutless CD this is another good one. On the other hand if you're more of a Newsboys fan Sea Of Faces may be a little hard.

Songs on the CD include the following:

Not What You See
All Alone
Better For You
Sea Of Faces
5 Let You In
All The Words
10 Troubled Heart
It's Like Me

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Sea of Faces

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