Kutless became one of my early favorites when I bought it a couple of years ago.

The music is along the same hard rock line as Skillet and Twelve Stones with some limited rapping and screaming. It surprised me that I would like a CD that had rap on it. I guess the limited amount of it along with the hard grinding music somehow make it palatable to me.

I’ve read poor reviews of this CD where people compared them to Creed. I would say that they are similar although I have not heard Creed all that much. Maybe Creed would remind me of Kutless.

My favorite song is Run. Oddly it is one of the slower songs on the CD but it has great lyrics. Although the music is slower the guitars still shine through. It is also a screamless and rapless song. This one is another great song to set back with the headphones on, keep your eyes closed and just listen.

There isn’t any song on this CD that I do not like or that I skip. Each of the songs is energized with an upbeat tempo and style except for the last song, Grace And Love, which is a slower ballad.

If you like harder rock and can put up with limited screaming and rapping Kutless is a good one.

The songs on Kutless include:

Your Touch
In Me
Pride Away
This Time
Grace And Love

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