Learning To Breathe

Learning To Breathe was released in 2000 and my son bought it for me in the Switchfoot 3 CD set in 2005. The set includes The Legend Of Chin, New Way To Be Human and Learning To Breathe and it is well worth your money. Each CD is excellent.

Modern rock, maybe that’s what we should call Switchfoot. I have a hard time categorizing them since I feel they have a sound that goes over well with a wide audience. After all, my wife doesn’t complain when I play their CD’s. Sometimes modern rock gives a little rougher/louder sound than a lot of Switchfoot’s music.

I Dare You To Move, which is also on The Beautiful Letdown, is one of may favorite songs. I find it hard to describe this song. The lyrics are very good and the music is great. I really like the intensity changes. Just when you think it is going to slow down and stick with soft keyboards they crank the guitars back up. You have to get one of the two CD’s and listen to this one.

As I have mentioned in a couple of the other Switchfoot reviews, they are not a heavy rock band along the Skillet or Pillar lines. On the other hand Switchfoot is not an easy listening band either. Their music is nice blend that leans to rock.

This is a very good CD; I recommend it along with all of the other Switchfoot CD’s.

Song titles on the CD include:
I Dare You To Move
Learning To Breathe
You Already Take Me There
Love Is The Moment
Innocence Again
Play For Keeps
Economy Of Mercy
Living Is Simple

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Learning To Breathe

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