The Legend Of Chin

The Legend Of Chin was the first CD released by Switchfoot. Although it was the first CD they released, in my opinion, it is as good as any of the other CD’s they have released since.

By listening to each of the Switchfoot CD’s all the way from Legend Of Chin to Nothing Is Sound I would say that this band has stayed very close to it’s original sound. Fortunately this sound is very good.

Switchfoot is a good blend of rock that doesn’t hit too hard or too soft. As I’ve said before they remind me some of Audio Adrenaline but the spirituality is just a little more subtle.

This CD doesn’t have a single song that I do not like.

Although Might Have Been Hur isn’t a deeply spiritual song it is a very catchy song. I especially like the musical and tempo changes. This song won’t make you see God in a new breathtaking manner but you will find yourself humming it.

The most spiritual song on the CD may be Home. It reminds me of the other Switchfoot songs that are spiritual in that it seems to speak to you and let you put yourself in the song. It’s a little slower than most of their songs but is very good.

I would say that Swithfoots lyrics may have gotten deeper on later CD’s but Legend Of Chin is still a good one.

Song titles include the following:
Chem 6A
Under Water
Edge Of My Seat
Might Have Been Hur
Concrete Girl
Life and Love and Why
Ode To Chin
Don’t Be There

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My son bought this set for me and they are all good CD’s. Do you suppose he wanted them himself?

The Legend Of Chin

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