Living In The Overlap

How Jesus' Kingdom Proclamation Can Transform Your World

Living In The Overlap is written by Steve Schaefer.

When I read the kingdom proclamation headline on the book cover I thought this book may be similar to a book titled The Secret Message Of Jesus, which I really enjoyed, but it is actually quite different. Living In The Overlap is about life in the time between Jesus' first and second appearances, how Jesus ushered in the kingdom through his first appearance but not quite to the extent that we will see upon his second appearance.

I like this book a lot. It did not draw me through the book to the point where I couldn't wait to see what was on the next page, but it still kept me interested with new information. Since I've read several christian themed books I have noticed that many seem to hit the same subjects over and over again. To the contrary this book hits upon subjects that I see in fewer writings.

At the time I was reading this book I was also attending the Alpha course. It was amazing how this book and the class paralleled each other. I'm not sure if this was on purpose, but there are similarities.

If you are looking for christian reading that is a little deeper and something fresh and new I would highly recommend Living In The Overlap.

The chapter titles are as follows:
The Overlap – Old Testament Predictions
The Overlap – New Testament Fulfillment
Living in the Light of the Kingdom
Praying for Healing
Being Used by God
Loving Others
Keeping Our Focus
Building Fences
Walking by Faith
Working Together as a Body
Discovering the Kingdom of God

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