Manna From Heaven

by: Dana Huffman

When the children of Israel were making their way to the Promised Land God fed them with food that came down fresh from heaven every single day. That food was called manna. The daily deliveries of manna came with one rule: no stocking up for tomorrow. The people could gather only the manna they needed for that day.

Was God being stingy? No. He was trying to teach his people a huge lesson in trust. He wanted them to know that He knew exactly what they needed for each day and that he would provide it.

When Jesus came to earth He instructed His followers to pray to God saying, "Give us this day our daily bread," meaning, Oh Lord, you know exactly what I need today. You want to give me a fresh provision of some kind to help me and encourage me through this particular day. Do you want me to taste your forgiveness? Do you want me to trust you to meet my financial need? Are you offering me a double portion of your comfort? Are you wanting to give me an extra helping of faith? Serve up the soul food I need today Lord, and I will gather it and eat it. I will swallow it, digest it, and be nourished by it. Thank you for feeding me as you lead me into the life you have promised me.

This prayer is not about us reminding God to take care of us. It is about us remembering to trust that where God is guiding, He is providing.

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