Me Lord?

Author: Bruce Cook

For the last few years it has been a pleasure and a joy to be able to write and/or speak about things that God has given me to do. This is something that I never thought that I could ever do, even though I still get nervous before I start.

In my later years after the start of my semi-retirement I felt a very strong urge that the Lord wanted me to write about things that he was putting before me, sometimes with just a single word or by very strong feelings. I guess that you could call the words that kept appearing to me a vision in my minds eye that I could see.

At first I questioned myself about writing because I never was good at English, and as you can tell, it still leaves a lot to be desired. I found that in my later years spelling had begun to slip from me. As a young man I knew that my knowledge of English was bad and I even took an extra course in my senior year of high school to try and help. After my marriage I decided to go to college and took an entrance exam at The College of Steubenville. When I met with them to review the results, they told me how good I was at math, and recommended that I go into accounting. Then they dropped the other shoe and told me that as good as I was in math, that’s how bad I was in English. Along with English I had to learn seventy-five spelling words and meanings each week. But as you get older you develop what I define as “spelling doubts” or forgetting a word when you need it at times. The more you think of a word the more confusing its spelling can become.

My wife and I sometimes talk together as one person, filling in with words that the other can’t momentarily recall. It’s okay to ask me a question just don’t do it too quickly. I was telling myself all the reasons why I couldn’t do it, not realizing that God would help me and had provided a dictionary and spell check on the computer.

I had become interested in the Genealogy of my family and wanted to write a short history of my life to leave behind, and I started writing. I guess that God wanted me to do this as a warm up or practice to do His work. It wasn’t long before the Lord started to put other things before me to write about at the same time. It took me several years to write about my history, working on it off and on. As I started to write about the things that the Lord showed me, it seemed as though words and thoughts would come to me faster than I could write. In fact I would get ahead of myself because I couldn’t write that fast and would need to go back and fill in areas that I had missed because of my thoughts getting ahead of my writing.

I continued to write articles about things that I felt led to write about, but the only person that read them was my wife. I had written several and one evening my wife said, why don’t you read one of them on our fifth Sunday evening services, when others of the congregation are participating with their talents. Of course I had more excuses than Moses did when God wanted him to lead his people out of Egypt. However I did give the Pastor a copy of “How Can I Explain” to read and he said he thought that it was good. I agreed to read it on a Sunday evening; I was really surprised at the response that I received, and the encouragement to keep writing. I was asked to read it at another special service later on.

I have now written several articles, and I hope that the Lord will continue to provide me with things to write about. Even though I read my Bible daily, when I write, speak or study as research for writing, I can’t tell you how much closer I am drawn to the Lord. I never want any credit for anything I do, unless it is the Lords will and that it promotes Him above everything else. I only hope that I can say or write something that will help or cause someone to turn to the Lord. For the Bible says in Luke 15:10 “I tell you there is rejoicing in the presence of the Angels of God over one sinner who repents”. As Christians I hope that we all want to be involved in causing this to happen. I really do and I ask God to help me in some way to accomplish that.

Glenn Payne, who was a singer with the Cathedrals and later on sang with the Gaithers before passing away, sings a song that I like, it goes “If I can help somebody along the way, then my journey will not have been in vain”.

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