Mom's Angel

Author: Bruce Cook

In 1979 or 1980 my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia on top of many other medical problems that she already had. Over the next couple of years the Leukemia went into remission and mom got along pretty well.

In 1982 my father had an abdominal aneurism that ruptured and suddenly he was gone. As you know, after fifty years of marriage and hardly ever being apart except for her hospital stays, mom was totally devastated. The Leukemia came out of remission and mom had to have several laser treatments on her eyes. Mom experienced many kinds of difficulties. Mom had prayed that the Lord would heal her, but it became evident that this wasn’t going to be. Mom had refused any kind of treatment. After time mom realized that she wasn’t going to be healed. The doctor was telling her that they would make her as comfortable as they could with medication, so mom began to constantly pray that the Lord would give her the grace to see it through to the end. She knew that she was going to die but she wasn’t quite sure how she would die. She was always asking the Lord to help her. I remember she would ask our Pastor to pray for this on his visits with her.

There were trips to the hospital and many trips to the doctor’s office and in 1984 mom’s condition worsened.

I would always look in on mom when I could, to check on her. One day I let myself in the house with my key and mom was sitting in the front room in her rocking chair. She said “June I just had the most wonderful experience”. I asked her what kind of an experience it was. She told me that she was asleep in her chair and was awakened by the feeling of a presence of someone else being in the room. When she awoke there was a lady standing in front of her and she was smiling. I asked her if she was sure that she was awake. Her answer to me was, “June I was as awake as I am right now talking to you”. I asked mom if she knew her, or did she say anything to you? Mom said “no”, and told me that the stranger bent down and looked her right in the face smiling at her and raised her right hand as if to touch her cheek. I asked mom if she was afraid, or did she say anything to her? Mom said “no, she just disappeared like a vapor into the wall paneling but I feel such a peace like I have never felt before in my entire life”.

I felt then that my mother had been visited by an angel, sent by the Lord to help her see this through to the end. Shortly after this my mother had to return to the hospital for the last time. Mom’s death wasn’t easy, in fact it was terrible, the suffering got so bad that each time I was called to come to the hospital I would pray that the Lord would release her from this pain and take her home to be with Him. But I never heard her talk of being afraid again after she had that experience.

I remember a couple from church visiting the hospital one time while I was there and one of them asked mom if she wanted her to read anything to her, and mom ask her to read the 23rd Psalm. Mom went into a coma a few days later and died. My last words to mom were to keep your eyes on Jesus.

This was a religious memorable time for my mother and for me as well. It taught me that when the answer to prayer is no that He still doesn’t forget about us He can give us a total peace.

Over the years I have often wondered if I would have seen the woman or was this experience only for mom. I don’t know.

Why did mom have this experience while other Christians do not? I don’t know the answer to this any more than why some Christians are healed and others are not. I do know that the Lord knows what is best for us and we must have the faith to believe that.

Do you believe in Angels? I surely do.

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