My Hearts Cry
Anne Graham Lotz

My Hearts Cry, Longing For More Of Jesus is authored by Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham. Anne started her ministry teaching Bible study classes and this book hearkens back to that background. Her Bible study background is evident in this book through the stories combined with scriptural based teaching. My Hearts Cry is based on the Gospel of John, in particular the time Jesus spent with His disciples just before the crucifixion.

Longing for more of Jesus. Shouldn’t that be the cry of all of our hearts? More of Jesus, can we do what it takes, can we carry the cross that He carried? Are you hearing his voice, praying non-stop, expressing you convictions and using your gifts for His glory?

Take a look at the chapter titles below. Can you go to God in prayer and honestly ask for these things.

My heart’s cry is filled with good Christian advice for a deeper relationship with Jesus.

I like this quote form the beginning of the book which describes the purpose of the book in a nutshell:“I long for more than just the bare minimum God has to offer.I long for more than what the average Christian seems to settle for.I long for everything God wants to give me.I long for more than enough…to bend my will!to awaken my conscience!to break my heart!to transform my mind!to overcome my prejudices!to soar in my spirit!to conform me into His glorious image!to give me an abundant entrance into heaven!I long to be saturated in Jesus!”

I would recommend My Hearts Cry to anyone whom, like Anne Graham Lotz writes, is longing for more of Jesus.

Chapter titles include the following:

More of ……..
His Voice in My Ear
His Tears on My Face
His Praise on My Lips
His Death in My Life
His Dirt on My Hands
His Hope in My Grief
His Fruit in My Service
His Love in My Home
His Courage in My Convictions
His Nearness in My Loneliness
His Answers to My Prayers
His Glory on My Knees

My Hearts Cry

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