Gods hands


New Diet Plan

by: Dana Huffman

I have a size 8 ½ mouth. I know because I put my foot in it several times last week and it fit perfectly.

Upset over saying some things I regretted, I decided to go on a verbal diet. I determined to speak only what was good and necessary. I would skim the fat from my conversations by refraining from complaining and criticizing. And I would stop all my opinion giving binges.

How did I do? Not very well. But I happened to do just well enough to be surprised by the benefits of such a plan.

The first thing I noticed on my verbal diet was that I experienced more peace. I never realized how much worry accompanied words of complaint and criticism, or how much angst went into my attempts to influence others with my opinions.

Secondly, I noticed that my relationships seemed to improve on the spot. I became a better listener when I wasn't waiting to get in my two cents. I enjoyed people more and understood them better.

Thirdly, I noticed that when I talked to people less I talked to God more. What I wanted to tell them I turned into prayers to Him.

When I started this diet I worried that my relationships might go hungry on fewer words, but I noticed that instead they were better nourished and more deeply fed.

"…be quick to listen, slow to speak…" James 1:19

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