New Way To Be Human

New Way To Be Human was the second CD released by Switchfoot. The product detail at says; “Switchfoot blends high-octane guitars, orchestrated strings, and acid jazz for a radically different pop sound”. That’s a mouth full but maybe a good description that would be hard for me to beat.

This is a very good CD; there are no weak songs. All ten songs are worth listening to.

Although it is hard to single out a favorite, Company Car is one that I often myself singing. (This is probably very painful for others to hear.) As you could imagine there is also an excellent message behind this song. It’s a good fast paced pop/rock song.

Only Hope has an orchestra sound to it that is very different and appealing to an old Pink Floyd fan such as myself. It’s an excellent song to listen to with headphones.

This CD brings the spiritual side of Switchfoot out more so than most of their other CD’s. It doesn’t hit you smack in the face but it does shine through more.

I highly recommend this CD.

Song titles include:
New Way To Be Human
Sooner Or Later
Company Car
Let That Be Enough
Something More
Only Hope
Amy’s Song
I Turn Everything Over
Under The Floor

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New Way To Be Human

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