Newsboys Shine The Hits

After reading glowing reviews of the Newsboys Shine the Hits I decided to give this CD a try. I don’t know how to best say it other than that Newsboys music is just not my kind of music.

I would classify this CD as pop music, nothing hard here at all. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good CD, it just is too light for my tastes. One review that I read said that the Newsboys are in the pop music style from the 80’s. Having lived and listened through the 80’s, I would say that this is probably a fair comparison.

There are 17 songs on the CD and this probably hurts it in my eyes. I can only take so much pop style music at one time. By the time I get to the Mega-Mix I usually just hit the stop button. Remember now that you are reading a review from a guy who likes Skillet, 12 Stones and Kutless.

The 17 songs include 3 new songs along with 14 hits form prior releases that were all huge hits. Obviously this music appeals to a lot of listeners.

The music is not slow and boring; it is filled with many catchy relatively fast paced upbeat songs. My kids like many of the songs, especially Breakfast. The messages in the songs are great; your kids could be listening to music a lot worse than this.

If you like Newsboys music or other pop styled music then you will like this CD.

The songs on Newsboys Shine The Hits include:

I’m Not Ashamed
Take Me To Your Leader
Entertaining Angels
Spirit Thing
Step Up To The Microphone
God Is Not A Secret
Where You Belong/ Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
I Got Your Number

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Newsboys Shine The Hits

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