Not The Way You Thought It Would Be

Not The Way You Thought It Would Be is a book about the journey of faith explored through Genesis 11:29 – 25:11. This is the journey of Abram, later known as Abraham.

Most Christians know the story of Abraham, his journey out of his fathers land to the land God promised. We know of the promise of the birth of Isaac to Abraham and Sarah in their old age and we know that God called Abraham to sacrifice his son. Through this book Glen Gibson takes us so much deeper than the quick over brush of these stories. We have a lot to learn from their experiences that we can apply to our lives. We already know the story, we just seem to gloss over what the story tells us.

Through these scriptures Glen takes us through testing and trust, challenges of success, problems with shortcuts, facing past failures, God's timing, balancing faith, letting go and passing the torch among other topics that God wants us to learn from through these scriptures.

This book showed up at a time in my life when it was just what I needed, but I realized that these principles are highly relevant at any point in ones life. This isn't a book that you need to read at certain stages of your life, this is a book that you can gain wisdom from at any point in your life.

This isn't the kind of book that is a page turner, the kind of book whose story pulls you at a fast pace from page to page. This is a book that will help you in your walk with God through this Christian journey.

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