Nothing Is Sound

Nothing Is Sound is a good CD for Switchfoot following The Beautiful Letdown.

Switchfoot is a nice blend between the hard rockers and the pop style of music. For me their sound hits a pleasant chord, a good blend. It has just the right mix of guitar, drums and hard drive without overdoing it. If I would have to compare Switchfoot to another artist I would say that would be Audio Adrenaline. They both have a similar style and energy to their music.

From a spiritual perspective there aren’t any songs on this CD that reach out strongly to me. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the songs; there just aren’t any that really touch me. This isn’t a bad thing, the music is still real good and the song writing is good and meaningful.

The first songs in the CD are the strongest. It seems to fall off a little towards the latter selections but not a lot.

One of the songs in the second half of the CD is The Fatal Wound. It is a real interesting song. A little harmonica accompaniment and it’s not even a Bob Dylan song. Although this song doesn’t get up and go it has a unique sound that I like.

There are a couple of songs that remind me of the Beatles. Since I’m not a Beatles fan that’s not a good thing for me but it’s not enough that it ruins the CD for me. Some Beatles fans may like this.

If you like the other Switchfoot offerings you will definitely like Nothing Is Sound. If you have never heard Switchfoot before and like good rock that isn’t real hard then this CD is a solid one for you to try as are any of the five Switchfoot CD’s I’ve listened to.

The song titles on Nothing Is Sound include:
Lonely Nation
Happy Is A Yuppie Word
The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
Easier Than Love
The Blues
The Setting Sun
The Fatal Wound
We Are One Tonight

Nothing Is Sound

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