One Step Closer

One Step Closer is a country gospel CD from artist Arkin Terrell.

I can’t consider myself a country music fan, but this CD isn’t too hard for me to listen to although it won't convert me to a country music fan. Arkin Terrell sounds similar to the popular male country artists of today. If you are a country music fan and are looking for Christian music that fits this style this could be the CD for you.

Arkin Terrell definitely does a good job at filling a niche for the male country/Christian artist.

Song titles on One Step Closer include the following:

Strength To Surrender
If This Is All There Is
Prints Of Peace
Let’s Stand For Love
Clean Slate
Did You Hear Me Say Goodbye
One Step Closer
If It Wasn’t For You
Wise To You
This Is Forever
You Did Not Leave Me Behind
The Race

You can read more about Arkin Terrell and his CD One Step Closer at IWitness Records

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