Parting The Waters

Finding Beauty in Brokenness

Parting The Waters is authored by Jeanne Damoff. This is a great, heart-wrenching story about a family tragedy and the miraculous ripples that flowed from these events.

I was amazed at the openness of the author concerning her family’s experiences. This is an in depth look at what a family goes through in times of tragedy and how God continues to work his purpose through tragedy.

This is also a book about miraculous healing. What medical doctors believe to be impossible, God turns to good for his own purpose.

In the end, in Parting The Waters, we have a family tragedy, God’s provision and miraculous healing and how God used this tragedy to affect so many others.

This is a very good book. It will remind you that God is indeed in charge and that we need to lean on him through all of our struggles.

Parting The Waters

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