Michelangelos Hands


Perfectly Knit

by: Dana Huffman

Wanting to make a scarf I went to a little yarn shop for supplies. I bought some knitting needles and chose a soft yarn in a deep bittersweet red. Imagine with me that while I am delightedly knitting my scarf, it develops an attitude and finds a voice. Imagine it says something like this. "What are you making me into? A little scarf for a little neck? I'd rather be a sweater. And who picked this color? Didn't you see the yarn with the shimmers in it? I want to shimmer. Are you making me short or long? Because if I have to be a scarf, I want to be a long scarf that trails the ground. Will I have a fringe? All the scarves have a fringe."

Of course my little red scarf did not and could not say such things, but if it had, I would have offered this rebuke. "Wait a minute. Let's remember something. I am the knitter and you are my creation. I like scarves. Don't you understand how beautiful you are to me? I have plans for you. One day soon it will be very cold and I will need you. I will wrap you around that little neck you mentioned and go out in the bitter chill, and you will keep me warm. You'll be perfect. You won't be so long that you get caught in my car door or drag on the ground. And you will feel nice against my skin. Shimmery threads can be scratchy. Besides keeping me warm you will provide a cheerful burst of color in a cold dreary season."

If you have ever scowled at the way you are made, wished you were made of tougher fiber, wished you had a more glamorous quality, or even wished you were completely different from the way you are, your Creator would have you know that He thinks you're beautiful and that He designed you just the way you are for a special purpose.

O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8 NIV

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