Pillar Fireproof

Pillar Fireproof was one of my earlier Christian music purchases and I can't remember why it was that I bought it. After buying it my son and I were playing it while we were riding in the truck. My first thought was, oh my what in the world is this!

Pillar's style is what I have read described as rap-rock. They are heavy on the rap and scream with a big bass and drum sound. I would never have thought that I could have liked any music that relies on rap as much as Pillar does but it has grown on me. Other reviews that I have read put them in a POD, Incubus and Lincoln Park category. I have POD and they are similar, but I think that Pillar is harder driving with the bass and drums.

For the most part the rap is understandable and the lyrics are good stuff.

Pillar is as hard as Skillet and relies more heavily on rap. I can't get my wife, the Mercy Me type, to put up with very much of it.

I actually have two songs that I would call my favorites on this CD, Light At My Feet and Further.

Light At My Feet starts out slow with heavy bass and then comes on strong with this tempo change continuing throughout the song. Further is a slower song, by Pillar standards.

Song titles on Pillar's Fireproof include:

Just To Get By
Stay Up
Behind Closed Doors
Light At My Feet

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Pillar Fireproof

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