My Big Plans

As I write this I sit here with ice therapy on my knee and I can only walk with crutches. Twelve days ago I had plans. I'm an avid deer hunter growing food plots, feeding them corn and taking pictures of them with digital scouting cameras. I do these things with my family and they are some of my most enjoyable moments, but before I could start all of my plans that Friday I had an accident and tore the cartilage in my knee. Surgery seven days later removed the flap of cartilage that kept me from walking but the trauma of the whole thing still has my knee swelled and prevents me from bending my knee.

The one big lesson I've learned is that our plans are "our plans" and sometimes they can take a 90-degree turn. I would have never thought that I would have been in the emergency room twelve days ago and certainly not in the operating room five days ago. After all, I had vacation days planned and things were going to get done.

Fortunately the Lord has held my hand through all of this. Through his helpers my wife waits on me hand and foot, my son keeps lifting me up and my daughter gives me a hug anytime I want. This is no time to be down.

I've taken the opportunity to pursue other avenues that I thought that I never had the time to do. Now I have the time and there is no use wasting it.

I’ll soon be out and about again I’m sure to pursue my big plans, but this time has been given to my by God for a purpose.

I've been truly blessed and still thank God for all he does even while setting here beside my crutches. I've been shown things I never would have seen had it not been for an accident, or was it an accident at all.

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