POD - Payable On Death

I purchased POD after seeing one of their videos on television and also on a recommendation from a friend.

I’ve had trouble figuring out this CD and the lyrics as well. This is no worship in your truck CD as I have called others that I have reviewed. I have to think about the lyrics real hard and then still have trouble determining what some are about.

On the bright side the third song, Change The World, is an interesting song lyrically, urging us to use our one voice to change the world. It wasn’t hard to figure out what this song was saying.

Musically, POD has a little bit of everything. It is a good one to listen to through headphones. When not using headphones I miss much of the interesting things that are going on and just seem to hear screaming and rapping. Over all their music contains screaming, rapping and some good singing with a heavy drumbeat, bass and hard driving guitars. This CD is not for the meek of heart. No Micheal W. Smith or Mercy Me die-hards need apply here. To my ears this music is even a little harder than Skillet.

The only song that varies from the hard driving style is the last song on the CD. It is an instrumental that never takes it through the roof, quite mild as compared to the rest of the CD.

Interestingly enough, I have grown to like this CD. It gets regular play although I haven't scurried back to the store to by POD's other CD's. It is interesting music and I haven't been one to shy away from heavy drums, bass and decent guitar work over the years.

If you are looking for music that is part rap, loud and heavy this is the CD for you.

The song titles include the following:

Will You
Change The World
Execute The Sounds
Find My Way
The Reasons
Freedom Fighters
Waiting On Today
I And Identify


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