The Purpose Driven Church

Growth Without Compromising Your Message & Mission

The Purpose Driven Church is written by Rick Warren who also authored The Purpose Driven Life.

At first thought you would think that a book titled The Purpose Driven Church is a book written for pastors alone. This is an unfortunate thought although I myself wondered why I should read it until a Pastor recommended the book to me. So, I purchased the book to see if it had anything for a pew slug such as me.

If you are a pastor I would say that you can’t go wrong by reading this book. Even if you do not entirely agree with what Rick Warren says in this book there are surely some ideas and thoughts that you can take from it. I know that there are various thoughts on the ideas and methods of church growth but even if you do not espouse the same thoughts as Rick Warren I’m sure there is something good for your church in this book.

For the rest of you pew slugs, this book also has a lot for you to learn from as well. If we take the great commission seriously then we realize that bringing people in to our church is part of our responsibility as well as it is the pastor’s responsibility. Even though you do not preach the sermons there are many ways that you can help to build the flock (get more people into your church).

The inside front cover states “The Purpose Driven Church shifts the focus away from church building programs to emphasizing a people building process. Warren says, ‘If you will concentrate on building people, God will build the church.’”

This book contains five parts that are split into twenty chapters.
The five parts include:
Seeing the Big Picture
Becoming a Purpose Driven Church
Reaching Out to Your Community
Bringing In a Crowd
Building Up the Church

Purchase The Purpose Driven Church.

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