Reflection of Something

Reflection of Something is the second Todd Agnew CD that I have listened to and it doesn’t depart a lot from Grace Like Rain.

Todd Agnew isn’t generally what I would consider “my kind of music”, but for some reason it draws me it. I’m not quite sure what it is but it my be the power of his voice along with just enough good guitar and drum work. I think I also like the use of tempo changes that he uses as well.

Although some Christian artists melt into the secular market, Reflection of Something is 100 percent Christian.

My Jesus is without a doubt my favorite song on the CD. Here again it isn’t exactly the style of music that I’m usually drawn to but the words are fantastic. Take a look at the words here. Immediately after My Jesus there are two 30 second tracks of silence. I’m not sure why they are there but they leave you with a full minute to think about what you just heard.

If you liked Grace Like Rain, good Christian based lyrics or if you like good powerful vocals with interesting guitar and drum work then you’ll like this CD.

Song titles include:

Something Beautiful
New Name
Blood On My HandsUnchanging One
Isaiah 6
Mercy In Me
The Wonder of It All
In The Middle of Me
Always There
Where Were You?
Fullness Found
My Jesus
It is Well

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