Reliant K
The Band?

Reliant K, the band, or is it Relient K, the band? The correct spelling for the band is with the E, but why they used an E, I don't know. According to Wikipedia the band is named after one of the band members Plymouth Reliant K car but for some reason they spelled it with an E. Are you getting confused yet?

I would have to guess that the name is just like the band itself. Their music is very upbeat and amusing while still trying to carry God’s message in most songs. After listening to their music it doesn’t surprise me that the band name is misspelled. It likely wasn’t a mistake.

Like the misspelling of Relient K much of their songs seem often out of place as well but it also seems that they have progressed musically in each of their CD’s.

One thing I have noticed is that the spelling for the bands name seems interchangeable on the internet. This is one thing you can spell wrong, or is it right, and still get the information you are looking for even though you spelled it wrong.

The band is even more popular on the internet than the car that it is named for. If you lived through the 80’s and remember the car there is little wonder the band is more popular.

So, no matter how you spell Reliant K, or is it Relient K, it is a fun band trying to put out God’s message, and getting better musically with each CD.

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