Michelangelos hands



by Dana Huffman

Do you know that we were not created to run wide open 24/7? Yes, work is good. God modeled that for us. Six days He spent creating and ordering the universe, giving assignments ("Name the animals Adam") setting up systems ("The lights in the sky will mark seasons and days") evaluating needs ("It is not good for man to be alone") and meeting needs ("I will make him a helper"). But, on the seventh day God rested and He wants us to rest too.

What kind of rest does God want us to take? A rest in response to His invitation. A rest by His design. Sometimes God will call us to lay aside what we are working on and laboring over. He will call us to cease striving and stop gathering. He will call us to activate our faith and put aside our work. That act of faith will produce two things. It will bring honor to God and refreshment to us. God is honored when we trust him to sustain us while we are not "working." And we are refreshed when we take time to be with Jesus-- the one who invites us to come to him for rest. Jesus said that the Sabbath rest was made for us and that he is the Lord of that rest. That means the rest we find in Jesus is really good for us. We will benefit from it, body, mind and soul. We will be repaired and restored by that rest. And when we return to our work we will find we have been infused with a fresh supply of what we needed, strength, patience, creativity, perspective, hope.

"Then Jesus said to them, 'The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.'" Luke 6:5 NIV

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