Revolution in World Missions

Revolution in World Missions chronicles the journey of the author, K. P. Yohannan, as he accepts Christ and becomes a Christian missionary and eventually starts the Gospel for Asia organization.

This is a very good book about Christian missions written by someone that has both grown up in and done mission work in one of the worlds biggest mission fields.

Revolution in World Missions also calls us to evaluate our needs as compared to the needs of those in other countries and most importantly in light of the need to reach these people with the Word of God. It will surely make you question your use of money in light of the need to spread the Good News.

This book also asks some interesting questions about our methods of foreign mission work.. K. P. Yohannan believes that the best and most effective methods of mission work is to use native missionaries and to put our greatest efforts into revealing the message of Christ as opposed to the social help given by many missionary projects. It isn’t so much that he believes that we shouldn’t help them socially and economically at all but he notes that food and education do not directly introduce people to Christ while it requiring a tremendous amount of money. It seems that he believes that we get more for our money using the native missionaries and concentrating on preaching the message of Jesus Christ.

This thinking is somewhat contrary to much of our foreign mission work. To enter foreign countries we often have to enter the county to teach or provide relief. It sure seems to me that there is something to what this author is saying. I think we have to be careful not to take our mission work too far in one direction and make sure that we are both providing relief where needed the most and more importantly preach the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

In the end this is a very good book.

The chapters in Revolution in World Missions include:
Only the Beginning
“O God, Let One of My Boys Preach!”
The Seeds of Future Change
I Walked in a Daze
A Nation Asleep in Bondage
What Are You Doing Here
“It Is a Privilege”
A New Day in Missions
Is Missions an Option?
God Is Withholding Judgment
Why Should I Make Waves?
Good Works and the Gospel
Hope Has Many Names
The Need for Revolution
The Real Culprit: Spiritual Darkness
Enemies of the Cross
The Water of Life in a Foreign Cup
A Global Vision
The Church’s Primary Task
“Lord, Help Us Remain True to You”
Facing Tests
The Vision of Asia’s Lost Souls

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