Rich In Every Way

Rich In Every Way written by Gene Getz.

The cover of Rich In Every Way states that this book is about everything God says about money and possessions and that just about sums it up. This book scours the New Testament for God’s teaching about money and possessions. I wouldn’t have guessed that there were that many places in the Old Testament that deal with money and possessions but there are and this book is truly a quite exhaustive look at these issues.

This book uncovers a vast amount of teaching about money in the New Testament and is not what I would call light reading. You’ll want to read this book if you truly want to dig into the Bible for God’s direction on these issues. The book is laid out like a Bible study and could be used that way.

The back cover of the book states the following: “From this study he gleaned 102 ‘supracultural’ principles concerning the use of money and possessions that apply as aptly in today’s world as in all other times and cultures. Each principle is solidly based on biblical teaching and offers practical guidance for everyday choices so that you can ‘be rich in every way’”.

If you want to dive deep into what the New Testament says about money and possessions this is the book you are looking for.

This book is divided into nine parts, each from a different area of the New Testament.
These include:
Principles from the Church in Jerusalem
Principles from the Teachings of Jesus
Principles from the Early Church – Moving beyond Jerusalem and Judea
Principles from the First Missionary Journey
Principles from the Second Missionary Journey
Principles from the Third Missinary Journey
Principles from the Prison Epistles
Principles from the Pastoral Letters
The Final Letters

Rich In Every Way

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