Rumors of Another World by Phillip Yancey

Rumors Of Another World is another thought provoking book not unlike the other Philip Yancey books that I have read.

This is not a book of big conclusions or explicit directions on how we should live our lives as Christians. It reminds me more of Philip Yancey’s own ponderings on life and his place in the bigger picture. When you are reading you will surely ask yourself the same questions.

Do we see the evidence of another world that is around us? What do we consider to be evidence of another world? After reading this book you may start to look at the “little things” differently.

Yancey speaks of taking retreats from this world and then of the shock when he returns. I have noticed this myself. The man made world around us seems for the most part to take us farther away form God. It is when I am in the outdoors or just in quietness that I can see the rumors of another world. Our modern society sends these rumors too far into the background.

My favorite quote from the book is actually a quote form Irish poet Evangeline Paterson: “I was brought up in a Christian environment where, because God had to be given pre-eminence, nothing else was allowed to be important. I have broken through to the position that because God exists, everything has significance.”

Although I would not say that this is the best book that he has written it is well worth your time.

The chapters include:Life in Part
Paying Attention
God Loveth Adverbs
Designer Sex
Out of Order
A Word Unsaid
The Good Life
The Gift of Guilt
Why Believe?
Earth Matters
Eyes of Faith
Practicing the Existence of God
Stereoscopic Vision

Rumors of Another World

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