The Sacred Romance

Drawing Closer To The Heart Of God

The Sacred Romance opens with this paragraph, “Some years into our spiritual journey, after the waves of anticipation that mark the beginning of any pilgrimage have begun to ebb into life’s middle years of service and busyness, a voice speaks to us in the midst of all we are doing. There is something missing in all of this, it suggests. There is something more.”

I agree with this paragraph, but after reading The Sacred Romance for the second time I’ll have to admit I still do not feel I’m any closer to an answer.

The Sacred Romance is co-authored by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge.

This book is much like the other two books that I have read written by John Eldredge. He seems to go deeper than being saved and then merrily living out the rest of our lives in joyous glee. We all know that this isn’t the case. We are living in a world where satan is also vying for our hearts and minds. I just can’t seem to get my mind around what they are trying to tell me in this book.

There are a few times in the book that they seem to be right on the brink of telling me something and then they pull it back. Maybe I just can’t comprehend what they are trying to say.

To go back to the opening paragraph, I have often felt this desire that there is something more. I only wish I knew what that “something more” was. It seems as if we live in a fog and just can’t see what is out there.

The chapter titles include:
The Lost Life of the Heart
An Unknown Romancing
The Message of the Arrows
A Story Big Enough to Live In
The Wildness of God
God the Ageless Romancer
The Beloved
The Adversary: Legends of the Fall
Less-Wild Lovers
On the Road
Desert Communion: Learning to Live on Heaven’s Shores
Coming Home

Sacred Romance

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