Sanctuary of Fire

Sanctuary of Fire is the third installment in the Deceiver Saga series written by R.J. Machado De Quevedo.

The series continues to follow Melanie Bishop, a young woman who was the child of an abusive father, as God continues to use her and reveal himself and the spiritual battles going on around her.

Similar to the first two books in the series, Sanctuary of Fire moves rather slow but the story still continues to pull me along. I'm the kind of reader who looks forward to the next part of the story and this series makes me keep turning pages. Like the second book there is again a bit too much detail in a sexual situation, but again it is a small part of the book and doesn't go too far over the line in my opinion.

Sanctuary of Fire is written very well and does a great job of taking you into the life of Melanie Bishop. Although a fictional book, the events in this story could be pulled from today's headlines. The evil around us is unmistakable. Melanie continues to fight to free herself from her father while continually watching over her shoulder for a group of former “friends” that attempted to rape and kill her years ago. All the while, God has given her a special gift and purpose.

In the end, Sanctuary of Fire is a solid third installment in the Deceiver Saga.

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