Scars Remain

I got Scars Remain after I had listened to some samples of Disciple on the internet. I’ve since learned that sometimes you can’t get a complete picture from short tracks on the internet and I’ve also learned that sometimes one song doesn’t tell the whole story either.

From the popularity of the screaming bands I’m gathering that there is a following for screaming but I’ll have to admit that it is not me.

This CD has some songs that I like but those that I don’t like get skipped and there are more that I skip then those that I listen to. The interesting thing is that there is some real good music (in my opinion) on this CD. I think I would like a non-scream Disciple.

I still really liked four of the songs. Those I like are My Hell, Someone, After The World and No End At All. These are four real good songs. No End At All is a ballad that you wouldn’t think was even done by the screaming Disciple.

If you like Christian alternative rock along with the Scream then Disciples' Scars Remain is for you.

Song Titles include:
Regime Change
Love Hate (On and On)
My Hell
Scars Remain
Game On
After The World
Fight For Love
Purpose To Melody
No End At All

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