The Search For Significance

By Robert S. McGee

The Search For Significance is a good book for those who have not yet accepted Christ into their lives and as the cover of the book states “Seeing your true worth through God’s eyes”.

You will realize that you are loved by God and this is the significance that you have been searching for. We all have that inner desire for something and until we find Christ we will have that unmet desire.

One message I got from the book was that God is always looking down on me lovingly and He thinks that I am special. It doesn’t matter that we mess up or that others may not think much of us, He is always on our side. It is up to us to love Him and accept and realize His love.

If you are struggling with Christian matters or searching for the significance of your life this book is for you. God does love you and you need him in your life to feel significant.

The chapters in the book include the following:

The Lift Comes On
The Origin of the Search
The performance Trap
God’s Answer: Justification
Approval Addict
God’s Answer: Reconciliation
The Blame Game
God’s Answer: Propitiation
God’s Answer: Regeneration
Agent of Change
Guilt versus Conviction
The Trip In

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Search For Significance

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