Secrets Behind Closed Doors

Secrets Behind Closed Doors is written by David Ray. This book is a guide/handbook for many of the social issues faced in society today. Secrets Behind Closed Doors can be read in two manners, it can be read as general information about problems being faced today and it can also be read and studied for a specific issue that you or someone close to you may be facing. The subjects are not exhaustingly covered, but the chapters are a good introduction into a Christian viewpoint to each social issue.

The issues covered in the book are:
Adversity In Life
Same Sex Relationships
Unplanned Pregnancy
Extramarital Affairs
Anger Control
Children Who Wander From Faith
Prescription Drug Addiction
Pet Ownership

Once again, these issues are not given exhaustive detail, but I’m sure that everyone has either dealt with one of these issues or will soon deal with one in the near future. Secrets Behind Closed Doors is a good start for information that will help you and assist you in helping others.

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