The Seven Secrets
John Hagee

Unlocking Genuine Greatness

My wife gave me The Seven Secrets by John Hagee for my birthday. Do you suppose she is trying to tell me something?

John Hagee is a successful pastor of a large church in Texas and as you could imagine, this book isn’t about the latest get rich quick scheme. Instead it is a Biblically based book on achieving success in life.

There are numerous good quotes in the book and the best way to describe the book is to give a pertinent quote from each chapter. Here are quotes from each chapter that will give you a clue as to what each chapter touches upon.

“You cannot possess what you will not pursue.”

“The truth is…..if you’ll change the way you think about your world, your world will change today.”

“Be persistent! Never…never…never give up! It’s too soon to quit!”

“You are what you and God determine you can be.”

“There cannot be mastery of life on any frontier until individuals grow in the art of mastering themselves.”

“If you can’t communicate with the people around you, you are a prisoner on an island of your own creation.”

“The tragedy of our day is not unanswered prayer but unoffered prayer.”

“You get supernatural abundance when you let go of what’s in your hand for God; then God will let go of what’s in His hand for you.”

Take a look at these quotes and the chapter titles below and you should get an understanding of the basics of The Seven Secrets. There is one thing for sure, this book is not about lying on your couch waiting for God to enrich you life.

This was an excellent book and one that I believe everyone, from those still in school to company CEO’s, can learn something from this book.

The chapters in The Seven Secrets include the following:

A Successful Life Is For Everyone
The Mystery And Power Of Your Mind
The Seven Perseverance Principles
Your Vision Of Yourself And Others
Mastery Of Your Supreme And Most Subtle Enemy
Level One Communication
The Power Of Continuous Prayer
The Undeniable Laws Of Prosperity
Enjoying The Jubilee Of Success

The Seven Secrets

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