Welcome To Paradise

Showdown is another offering from Ted Dekker, the second book I’ve read from this author. Adam was the first of Dekker’s books that I read and it was very good, possibly one of the best. Showdown started off fast and strong similar to Adam, but it didn’t hold the intensity quite like Adam. This being said, Showdown is still a good read and kept me turning pages to see what would happen next.

Similar to other Dekker books this offering has two parallel story lines that grow closer together as the story unfolds. The first is in a Colorado town called Paradise and the other in a hidden, secret monastery for children.

After many plot twists and much excitement it takes sacrifice to end the struggle and as with other Dekker books you don’t see it coming.

Showdown will leave you asking yourself what you would give up for others?

If you like suspenseful Christian fiction I highly recommend Showdown.


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